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Flat Wire


Sunshine is a leading manufacturer of producing different kinds of metal wires. Flat wire is one of the major wires, which is widely used in many fields.

Flat Wire
Flat Wire
Flat Wire
Flat Wire
Flat Wire
Flat Wire

Flat Wire Features:
Flat wire has good corrosion resisitance, with high elasticity and high fatigue resisitance;
The surface condition is uniform and beautiful;
Flat wire could be used as indoor or outdoor material;
The surface is flat and it is very thin just like a piece of paper;
It is self-adhesive;
The product is strong, with much flexibility and having a long working time;


Flat Wire Specification:
The available specifications of flat wires are 0.71mmx1.85mm, 0.80mmx1.95mm , and 0.95mmx0.21mm.
The available gauge are 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, 26.
We could offer small coil flat wire, also it could be ordered according to customers’ detailed requiremnets.


Flat Wire Applications:
Flat wire applies in many fields in today’s life. For example, it could be used to make tents, carton nail, cleaning ball, toothbrush, binding different kinds of carton boxes, paper boxes.
Also flat wire could be used to make sieve mesh, fishing mesh, brush filter cloth, steel ring , necklace , bracelet, handiwork and so on.