Anping Sunshine Metal Product Factory

Anping Sunshine Metal Product Factory


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Production Process:

  • Release the selected weft wire, then draw the silk, be under annulus pressure and finally reach to the card device. At the early stage it doesn’t need the lubricant so as to block the filament, flat, hard wire, then put the weft into the tub filled with lubricant and wait for boot.
  • Check the warp wire tension before booting the machine, and ask about the working conditions of the machines refueling the working parts of the the machine.
  • After finishing the preparation work for starting the machine. A pre-boot is required in order to check the the extent of occlusion and dilute of the weft and warp wires. Starting the machine two to three times before turning into the normal operation.
  • During the normal operating test the mesh with the density mirror, and repeatly check in a short period of time so as to discover and deal with the problems.
  • Make the length mark with crayons at the net side, in order to make the measurement accurate, the length measure ruler should be kept by yourself.
  • When the network reaching the required length make a rope to hang it, and weave a mesh around half a meter to rehang it.
  • Finally is the unloading period. Keep the brackets installed and put the roll bar with slowly operating, so it can avoid the cracks on the surface and leaving crease. After finished the unloading, put the mesh in required place and make weaving record.

Production Process of Hot-dipped Galvanized Iron Wire:
Steel rod coil -- wire drawing -- annealing -- rust removing -- acid washing -- zinc plating -- wire coiling.

Production Process of Electro Galvanized Iron Wire:
Steel rod coil -- wire drawing -- wire annealing--rust removing-- acid washing-- boiling-- drying-- zinc feeding-- wire coiling.

For big coil galvanized iron wire, we also have wire rewinding machine to layout the small coil wire and winding it again into big coils with different inner diameter.

Annealing Technology:
Annealing goes after wire drawing of coils in the process. Annealing is divided into oxygen free annealing, open-hearth annealing used in galvanizing and heat annealling which is commonly used in factories.

Iron Wire is a kind of metal wire which drawn from low carbon steel. It contains iron,cobalt,nickel,copper,carbon,zinc,as well as other elements. The uses different,the components different. At first we roll the hot metal blanks into a 5mm thick steel bars,and then put them into the drawing device. As we gradually narrow the aperture of drawing set the steel bars can be pulled into threads of different diameters. At last,with the processes of cooling,annealing,coating and other processing technology,wires can be made into various specifications.

According to the industry standards the specifications of binding wire has many types as follows: 25# wire with diameter 0.50mm,24#wire with diameter 0.55mm,23#wire with diameter 0.60,22# wire with diameter 0.70mm,etc.

Iron wire is developed earlier because of its simple production technology and wide application. Iron or steel wire(whose relative enterprise is Wire Mesh Enterprise)is a kind of product with once more cold processing of steel wire rod. Its materials are usually high quality carbon steel and stainless steel. In general, the iron ingots(steel ingots) which are used for making iron wire(steel wire) can be produced through many processes such as wire rod shelling,acid pickling, washing, saponification, drying, drawing, annealing, cooling, acid pickling, washing, galvanizing,packing and so on.