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Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence Material:
The material of Sunshine Wire Mesh Fence is low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and aluminum-magnesium alloy wires
The weaving method of wire mesh fence is weaving and welding.
Fence length 2m, 2.5m as standard.

Sunshine Wire Mesh Fences enjoy such properties as corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.
Forms of corrosion resistance for mesh fencing products include electric galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, PVC sprayed coating and PVC dipped coating.

  • Intersections are welded to form an integral non-collapsible barrier
  • Low maintenance costs
  • All wire is either lightly or fully pre-galvanized
  • Fencing mesh is ideal for the installation of security alarm systems
  • Mesh can be crimped when installing the fencing on uneven ground
  • Also available with security spring anti-theft device
  • Mesh does not sag
  • Wires cannot be unraveled
  • Top and bottom wire spikes give added security.
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence

Sunshine Wire Mesh Fence is widely used in highways, railways, airports, residential area, port terminal, gardens, farming, animal husbandry and the guardrail protection.
Specifications of Wire Mesh Fence:

Specification of Wire Mesh Fences Spotted by 4mm diameter quality mild steel wire
Opening (mm) 75x150
LxW (mm) 1800x3000
Frame (mm) 20x30x1.5
PVC coating thickness (mm) 0.7-0.8
With coating (mm) 4.8
Support post (mm) diameter 48x2x2200
Base for fence(mm) 500x300x300


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